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Gabriel Global Portfolio

Our global portfolio offers a broad range of both clean solid colours and vibrant melange colours.

Ingenuity meets simplicity

Our design philosophy is shaped by our strong Scandinavian heritage and reflects the minimalist aesthetics that forms the cornerstone of Scandinavian design. We do not design loud, large-scale patterns but are the masters of subtlety. Our designs are modern, simple, and timeless; refined and sophisticated.

Our Scandinavian design roots are also reflected in our colour scales, our crisp textures, and our strong focus on creating haptic experiences. Our Global Portfolio is based on our design philosophy that is captured in three simple words: Ingenuity meets simplicity.

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Fabrics transform spaces

Fabrics play an important role in defining spaces. Alongside flooring, carpets, and furniture, they contribute to achieving the intended mood and atmosphere, all aligned with the user’s needs and the purpose of the space. Gabriel’s primary focus is on the contract market which we divide into three categories, as illustated below. Our Global Portfolio suits all categories of the contract market. We provide a unique insight into these categories, offer specialised guidance to our customers on how to use our fabrics, and ensure a clear understanding of our entire portfolio.


Task seating

Task seating is an essential element in the modern workspace, enhancing comfort and performance in personal workstation areas, at temporary desks, compact workstations, and in meeting rooms. Task seating focuses on functionality and ergonomics while contributing to the overall aesthetics of the workspace. Colours/textures are traditional, pure, quiet, fresh, classic, tech-inspired, solid, and dynamic.


Activit-based working

Activity-based working is a flexible approach where employees pick different settings based on their tasks and switch spaces throughout the day to match their work. Spaces designed for activity-based working help optimise space usage, encourage collaboration, and provide employees with flexible choices. Colours/textures are warm, dynamic, vibrant, comforting, expressive and personal.


Soft seating

Soft seating is comfortable and cushioned furniture with a residential look, designed for relaxation and informal gatherings in, for example, lounge areas or social areas in office spaces. From sofas to cozy poufs, soft seating creates a sense of comfort and encourages social interaction and communication. Colours/textures are soft and muted, including warm greys and naturals.

Poetic and dynamic

Gabriel colours are poetic and dynamic, send out positive vibes, have a strong feel-good factor, and create a sense of quality. Our Global Portfolio offers a broad range of both clean solid colours and vibrant melange colours. We strive to create colours that are long-lasting and remain modern and relevant for years – but at the same time catch the zeitgeist (the spirit of the time) and express personality, creativity and innovation. The dynamic and poetic dimensions are some of the defining characteristics of Gabriel colours and colour schemes.


Describing our colours as dynamic, we mean that they are highly chromatic and attract attention. They bring a sense of energy and activity to furniture and spaces.


When we describe our colours as poetic, we mean that they are soft, emotional and imaginative, and create a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

Gabriel Global Portfolio

At Gabriel, the process of developing fabrics and colours is based on the combination of two equally important factors: Intuition and data. Intuition is the human factor – the designer’s creativity, a spark of an idea, a feeling. Data, on the other hand, is all the knowledge we have.

We have created a presentation of the total Gabriel Global Portfolio. Browse the presentation and explore even further our story and work with colours, textures, materials, and the design philosophy for our products.