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New era of comfort

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, SoftNext combines environmental responsibility with exceptional quality. Its fibre surface offers a soft, luxurious touch, enhancing the tactile experience of any piece of furniture. 

SoftNext bridges the gap between home and office, bringing a cosy yet sophisticated touch to any environment.


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Looking to explore our innovative designs and colourfull collections? Visit our showrooms for creative inspiration and specialist guidance. With prime locations worldwide, including Broadway, Clerkenwell, Fulton, and more – we welcome you.

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We continuously research new and more sustainable materials and technologies. The purpose is to further reduce our environmental impact and provide alternatives that create further value for users, production workers, and the environment. Therefore, we take responsibility in selecting the materials and chemicals we use.

Care for the health and safety of both people and the environment are seamlessly integrated in our fabrics verified through globally recognized product certifications.

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Global Portfolio

Global portfolio

Fabrics play an important role in defining spaces. Alongside flooring, carpets, and furniture, they contribute to achieving the intended mood and atmosphere, all aligned with the purpose of the space. Our global portfolio offers a varied range of fabrics that differ in terms of tactility, colours, and expression. 


Colours and tactility

Our fabrics are masters of refinement. Gabriel colours are poetic and dynamic – they are highly chromatic and emotional, significantly affecting the look of surfaces and spaces and creating a comfortable feeling.

Passion for Colours Since 1851
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Nobel is a premium 100% wool upholstery fabric featuring a timeless, sophisticated elegance. It has a rich, voluminous texture where thick and thin yarns are weaved together to create a soft, bulky effect.