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ShapeKnit by Gabriel combines over 170 years of upholstery expertise with innovative knit technology to produce seamless, three-dimensional knitwear that conforms precisely to the contours of any furniture design, eliminating the need for cutting, sewing, and other finishing processes.

Tailored Solutions

By integrating upholstery solutions into the knitting process, ShapeKnit optimises efficiency. Each piece is knitted to the exact shape required, thereby eliminating fabric waste and making the production process more sustainable and cost-effective.

This one-piece, knitted and shaped upholstery solution is custom-made to fit the exact dimensions, shape, and form of any furniture design.

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ShapeKnit offers functional and aesthetical advantages to the customers. The design options and technical benefits are countless, and so are the options for increasing productivity through the elimination of waste and sewing processes. With the ShapeKnit technology Gabriel offers our customers a higher degree of flexibility in the proposed solution along with an opportunity to influence the design and development process.

These solutions are suitable for all types of furniture incorporating textile surfaces, including:

  • Task seating
  • Soft seating
  • Screens & panels
  • Bedding
  • Accessories