Lamination is a finishing process where several layers of material is bonded to the back of fabrics to enhance the fabrics’ technical performance and improve upholstery properties.

Our lamination services include flame lamination and glue lamination, and our innovative techniques and high-end equipment allow us to work with various thicknesses, textures and materials.


Lamination is used for multiple purposes and reasons primarily to boost the fabric’s technical properties such as for example the comfort, strength and stability of the fabric. Lamination can also compensates for uneven or sharp components, blocks liquids and improves the fabric’s acoustic properties.

The soft foam backing added to the fabric in the lamination process provides superior flexibility allowing the laminated fabrics to be readily used for curved or complex furniture designs without compromising the quality, performance or aesthetic value of the fabric.

Lamina Edit High 1101

 The key benefits of lamination are:

  • A luxurious soft feel
  • Improved stability
  • Excellent upholstery properties
  • Stronger and more durable fabrics
  • An exclusive and lavish look
  • Acoustic performance

Standard or customised?

Gabriel offers a selection of standard laminated fabric designs. If you have a specific vison in mind that is not met by our standard lamination collection, lamination is also an option for all Gabriel fabrics – wool as well as polyester.

We offer client-specific, customised design that match individual requirements, and our skilled designers and development team work closely with our customers to create the exact design and upholstery properties required. 

Your options

  • Flame lamination
  • Glue lamination
  • Wool and polyester fabrics
  • Standard and customised solutions
  • Thickness options range from 2mm to 10mm
  • Available in 140 cm and 170 cm width