Minimal Art Deco Hotel

Hotel IKONIK Gran Vía is a modern, minimal art deco hotel in the heart of Madrid. Once a 1929 rental house, the iconic building has been transformed from a guesthouse into a four-star superior hotel, offering a perfect blend of historical charm and contemporary design.

Fusion of history & modernity

Designed by the innovative studio WANNA, the interior blends original 1930s elements with fresh, modern touches, making the hotel a unique, vibrant space. It boasts 45 beautifully crafted rooms and various characterful areas. The hotel preserves its historic essence with original black and white marble, herringbone floors, and colourful stained-glass windows thoughtfully integrated into the new design, creating a harmonious blend of past and present.

Interior Design & Materials

The design concept emphasises pure geometries and a contrasting colour palette, combining elements like black and white marble, metal, ceramics, chromatic furniture fabrics and vibrant coloured tiles. Soft pastels are used in the rooms, creating a relaxing and cheerful ambience. The living room on the first floor features multifunctional spaces with semicircular, loge-like structures that maximise privacy.

The hotel’s design highlights the use of two Gabriel fabrics: Atlantic and Savoy. Atlantic offers a fresh, modern look with a subtle relief effect, while Savoy adds a touch of elegance with its luxurious, velvety texture. Both fabrics promote the desired atmosphere of the hotel. Furniture from brands like Ondarreta, Sancal, and RS Barcelona, along with custom-designed pieces, add to the modern art deco aesthetic. The combination of high and low furniture and geometric shapes provides continuity and functionality throughout the hotel.


Atlantic 63034

Atlantic - 63034

Savoy 63081

Savoy - 63081