10 year guarantee

Gabriel A/S gives a ten-year guarantee against wear-through on selected products in normal office or home use* and with normal maintenance and appropriate upholstering.

The guarantee covers

  • Replacement of fabric under the approved complaint. The guarantee does not cover costs of re-upholstering or other costs associated with the complaint.
  • Gabriel calculates a 10% reduction in the original invoiced price per metre per annum after delivery of the fabric about which the complaint was made (i.e. 10% after one year, 20% after two years etc.).

A further condition is that the upholstery fabric is properly maintained in accordance with Gabriel A/S’s maintenance guides, including keeping entirely free of dust and soiling. It is also a condition that the upholstered object does not have sharp edges and corners, and that the foam used remains unchanged for at least ten years and does not crumble. In addition, Gabriel offers a ten-year guarantee on pilling for the product Comfort+.

*(Normal office or home use covers daily use for 8-9 hours in the office or home. The guarantee does not cover spot wear on limited areas (e.g. caused by a metal zip in a pair of jeans, metal studs in a belt, a metal comb in a rear pocket etc.)