VOC testing & compliance with building standards

Various building standards exist with the purpose of ensuring healthy indoor climates. Gabriel supports the increased focus on healthy indoor environments and delivers fabrics that contribute to better indoor air quality and healthier indoor climates.

Certification systems such as WELL, LEED and GREENGUARD set standards for furniture and aim to reduce the use of hazardous substances and the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Gabriel fabrics are certified in accordance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and/or EU Ecolabel to ensure that there are no harmful chemical emissions from the fabrics. Gabriel uses these two certification systems as these standards deal specifically with and evaluate processes and substances relevant for textiles. Consequently, all Gabriel fabrics used as a component in furniture products are expected to meet these standards and pass emissions tests for furniture products. There has never been a case, where a Gabriel fabric has failed to meet these standards.

Certification systems such as e.g. WELL, LEED and GREENGUARD use the ANSI/BIFMA M7.1 standard when testing for VOC emissions. Even though these standards are not intended specifically for fabrics but for furniture products, there is an increased demand for VOC tests based on the ANSI/BIFMA M7.1 standard, and therefore Gabriel has also tested a comprehensive selection of fabrics according to these standards. Please note, however, that Gabriel fabrics that have not been tested according to ANSI/BIFMA M7.1 standard are still expected to pass tests as a furniture component.

For further information about Gabriel’s compliance with certification standards such as OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, EU Ecolabel, LEED and WELL please read more.

If you have questions about VOC testing or a specific project you would like to discuss, please contact Gabriel at [email protected].